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Web We Do are a professional group of Web Designers in Blackpool who specialise in cheap web design & SEO (Search Engine Organisation) services. We guide and assist the public who are seeking help with putting their business online. We understand more than most, how difficult it can be to create a professional-looking website. We create a website to fit and style your business. Our Blackpool specialists offer cheap web design services without compromising on quality. We put extra care and passion into your website as we know you want the best looking website for your business.

WebWeDo are based in Blackpool and offer cheap web design servicesWe have created many websites for small, medium and large businesses. The unique website designs we offer are cost-effective, based around your financial needs. The Web Design Blackpool team ensure that the website being created is completely to the customers’ requirements, whether that may be a simple, standard or advanced business company. We ensure that all of our creations are individual and unique.

Our SEO team are a group of dedicated web designers who can get your business website get to the top of Google. The professionals have the ability and experience in achieving the best outcomes which can help your website gain customers and profits. We want your business to succeed therefore we will help you get the best from your website. The packages we offer are cost-effective, therefore you can get more for your money with Web We Do.

We offer many different SEO services that can help increase your website and get higher rankings on popular search engines. The experts work closely with you and decide on a keyword that your customers use to search for your website on the internet. With this keyword, we improve on it which then boots your website to the top, leaving your business the one that customers will see and browse first. Furthermore, this is giving you more customers, along with less marketing.

We will equip you with anything you will need for a successful online presence. We ensure that we only want to give customers the best outcomes from our company. The friendly team will also help you with any queries you have regarding your unique finished product. All of our websites are custom made with a touch of professionalism and passion. With Web We Do, you can get the best deals at the best prices.…

19 Jun 2014

DriTech’s Water Leak Detection Experts

Do You Think There Is A Water Leak In Your Property?water-leak-detection

When a water leak occurs, the amount of damage done could be tremendous if it is not found and sorted out quickly. However, you may not know where the water leak is coming from and therefore the damage will keep getting worse. No matter where the water leak is or what type it is, DriTech’s water leak detection specialists will come and find the source of the water leak and will repair.

Water leak detection is a non-destructive method that is used to find the source of water leak. The equipment used are tracer gas, thermal imaging and acoustic water leak detection. All of these pieces of equipment help to find the source of the leak quickly, meaning the amount of damage that could be caused will be reduced.

Tracer gas is used when the leak is difficult to locate due to it being in a long section of pipeline. The gas is pressurised through the pipe and then it will be seen above the ground as it escapes. This method tests for leaks on pipe constructions, heating systems and waste pipes.

Thermal imaging is a method where there is a monitor which will show a picture of highlighted areas. The equipment highlights in terms of colour, blue being cool and red being warm. The warmer areas are easy to detect and therefore this will give the company a good idea of where the water leak is.

Acoustic water leak detection is a technique that uses microphones that are ground and pipe sensitive. They enhance the sound of the water leak, helping to establish the exact location of the source.

A survey will be carried out by the company and this will be done in a way that won’t damage your property. After the report has been carried out, they will be able to determine what the best course of action is when repairing the water leak. They will be able to do this by looking at the images and the fully detailed water leak detection report.…

30 May 2014

Professional Builders In Birmingham!

Do You Want Your Property Modernising By Builders In Birmingham?

When it comes to modernising your home, there are many ways you can do this such as a loft conversion or an extension. The best people for the job are builders in in birmingham

They have the knowledge and the expertise to modernise your home in the exact style that you want, and it will be done to the highest standard because they take pride in the work that they produce. They complete the work in a way that is both time and cost efficient. They service that they provide is friendly and all of the builders are highly qualified, so your property will be safe and will look the way you want it at the end.

The trends of the modern world change rapidly, but the builders in Birmingham keep up with them and therefore are able to carry out the job and make it look fantastic. All of the builders are able to carry out services that are high quality and affordable in both residential and commercial areas, all of them striving to achieve the highest standard of work.

They do this by using professionals that have the experience to complete your project on time and meeting all of the building regulations. They also know that when you many of the builders in Birmingham, you will want the highest quality, even if it is a case of a fitting or fixture.

The builders in Birmingham have the traditional skills, which are having tight control over time and quality and high quality craftsmanship, both being extremely important when it comes to carrying out painting and decorating services.

They all work together to give an end product which is completed to the highest standard every single time. Every time their work is completed to the upmost quality, which is no less than you expect, no matter the size of the job.…

23 May 2014

WEBWEDO Web Design Blackpool

Do You Need An Affordable Website To Promote Your Business?

Well here at Web We Do, we create websites for customers who are seeking web design in Blackpool. We are experts in search engine optimisation. From Web Design Blackpool, Preston & Lancashire, we can do it for you. Whether you are seeking a small one pager or a large company-based website to attract customers, we can do it for you. Our website creations will be entirely based around your personality and how you want it.

We Can Make It Easy For Your Clients To Find Your Website!websites from 99

In most cases, websites may look polished but have a small quantity of visitors because they cannot find them. What our specialists do for you is, make certain that your clients can find you. For example the keywords on the most popular search engines are not linking to your website, therefore they cannot find your website. We believe that your website needs to be professionally appealing for you to be shown as the perfect business online website company.


Web We Do Design Blackpool Packages

We understand that it may be stressful trying to divide your hard earned money between working and family life. That is why we are offering you an amazing web package deal! The prices start at an affordable £99 for single page websites, or around £300 for a creative 6 page website. Al of the outstanding packages come with a UK domain name, up to 5 personalised email addresses and 1 years completely free hosting. We also offer the customer Pay per Click & Search Engine Optimization services. This is make it unbelievably easy for your clients to find you with the right keywords, when searching on the internet.

Our affordable web design company is based in Blackpool.

Here at Web We Do, we know that you are seeking the best possible website that looks exceptional and will bring in the customers. As we think our websites look amazing, you might want it to be slightly different. If you want your website that extra bit unique, then do not hesitate to call our Web Design Office in Blackpool.…

15 Apr 2014

Independent Loss Adjusters Working on a No Win No Fee Basis

AMPM loss adjusters helping with insurance claims

AMPM are a group of independent loss adjusters who are experts when it comes to insurance claims management. They work closely with one of the UK’s largest building restoration companies to offer a free loss adjusting service. Their main specialties are fire and flood damage insurance claims.

So why would you choose AMPM Loss Adjusters?

AMPM are one of the only Chartered loss adjusters who do not take instructions from insurance companies.
When your property is damaged water or fire damage and you make an insurance claim, your insurer will send out a loss assessor who will evaluate how much the insurance claim is worth. The loss adjuster is paid for by the insurance company so they are acting on their behalf.

In any other situation this may be seen as being a bit unfair if you think about it. If you had to go to court and the judge was paid for by whoever you were up against this would not be acceptable would it? How would you know that you had been treated fairly?

AMPM are independent loss adjusters who work for the public not your insurer. One of the main reasons that policy holders do not utilise the expertise of independent loss adjusters is the costs that are involved in paying for this type of service. AMPM do things differently, they offer a free loss adjusting service when you utilise one of their preferred builders to complete any restoration work to your property which also costs you nothing.

So why would you want to use the builders that AMPM prefer?

Visit the AMPM website to find out.


07 Nov 2013

Fire And Flood Restoration Claims Specialists | Rated Loss Adjusters

Rated Loss Adjusters

Fire And Flood Restoration Claims Specialists | Rated Loss Adjusters:

Anyone who is in the process of dealing with an insurance claim or is about to has every right to presume that your policy provider will give you your pay out as quickly as you paid in for your insurance premium. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence and too often your insurers depend on the small print to lower your claims payout.  A moderate percentage of policy holders are under the false impression that the Loss AdjustersNO-WIN appointed by your insurers are independent.
But in fact they are working directly for your insurers interests to save as much money on your payout as possible, which means they are not independent but working directly for your insurance company and not you. This is where we differ from so many loss adjusting companies, we work for you to help maximize any potential claim you need.

We are (CILA) listed specialist Chartered Loss Adjusters & Claims Management Specialists covering many aspects from desktop claims handlers; project managers; independent surveyors and BDMA or equivalent qualified drying & restoration specialists; loss adjusters; with an excess of 10,000 FMB listed builders and building contractors and tradespeople on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency call out service plus all types of related qualified and vetted home and building reinstatement works with a full 2 year Build Assure guarantee for all of our policy holders.

Visit Website:

helpline Rated LA

12 Sep 2013

North West Building Preservation | Builders in Blackpool

Builders blackpool

We are a the local Builders in Blackpool you can rely on.North West Building Preservation have been established for over 30 years serving many clients in domestic and commercial situations we are renowned for our high standards of work and incredibly helpful and friendly attitude whilst working on your property no job is to big or to small for North West Building Preservation as we bring years of experience and incredibly high 139163-Image12standards of work into every job we are on.

Our recent clientele have consisted of many different factors from commercial buildings and properties to private households, main contractors,
estate agents and even doing work for local authorities. Our services are second to none providing high quality work in the least amount of time that is why we are the local builders that Blackpool can rely on for any of their building and construction needs.

Our range of Building services include: 

Carpentry and joinery
Window replacement in softwood hardwood and UPVC
Bricklaying , patios, drives and landscaping
Re-roofing and repairs
Plastering hand rendering
Plumbing and heating
Electrical rewires and repair
Kitchens and bathrooms
Wet rooms
Property modernisations and refurbishments
ExtensionsFire Restoration
Loft conversions and garage conversion
Conservation works
Office refurbishments
Maintenance and extensions to schools

One of our most key services we offer is to the clients we have that have disabilities, we carry out any and all forms of adaptations that are required for example accessible Extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and access points such as ramps and lifts.

20 Aug 2013

Dritech | Fire and Flood Restoration And Water Damage Repair

dritech logo

Dritech are a fire and flood restoration and water damage repair specialists network in the UK, we operate nationwide and all of our specialists are approved BDMA and IIRC qualified and highly experienced in their trade, weFire Restoration 2 only employ the UK’s best when it comes to our contractors, tradesmen and restoration specialists so we can ensure our high standard of work is always met and delivered to you in every job we attend. That is why we’re able to insure and guarantee our work irrespective of the value.

Fire Restoration: In the event that a building catches fire it can be one of the most life changing and distressing things that can happen to you and your family, fire is an incredibly destructive force and can leave your home/property uninhabitable and results in very serious consequences.
The damage caused from fires is never just from the flames, there are many many more factors to the damage that is produced such as soot and smoke damage and drying needs. The reason drying comes into fire restoration is because of the fluids used to extinguish your home will be sat in pools around
your home and can be filled with dangerous toxins and chemicals released from the fumes which need to be dried cleaned and ensure your property is safe to be in. Our fire restoration specialists utilize years of experience to give you the best possible end product and restore your home to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Flood Restoration and Water Damage Repair: If a water leak starts in your property be it from a pipe, weather or any other factor it can escalate causing a full scale flood to your property and the surrounding area, pipe leaks can burst behind walls causing structural damage and swell wooden struts. Dritech know that floods need to be isolated and the cause of the flood rectified as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage. Our restoration experts can restore your home as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst never compromising our very high standards of work.

new dritech

20 Aug 2013

AMPM | Property Restoration Loss Adjusters

ampm logo

img4-2AMPM loss adjusters are a group comprised of only the best and experienced personnel the majority of which have worked with all major insurance companies in the UK. We act specifically for the client separately from your insurer, giving you our professional advice and expert services and protection which is always entitled to throughout their claim where loss adjusting applies such as property restoration.
We can provide you with the same level of professional services that many legal professions offer during any form of action or settlement through an insurance claim or major financial event for example if you’re purchasing a new home or settlement of estate. We see far to often that people treat events such as this with a “it will run it’s own course” attitude but AMPM always ask why would handling any form of insurance claim be treated differently to similar events. We are here to help and work for our clients it’s the AMPM way.

For more information on our professional insurance related services visit the AMPM website:



19 Aug 2013

ProBuild | Nationwide Building, Fire And Flood Restoration Specialists

Pro Build

mouldy-doorProBuild Contractors Network are a highly professional building, construction, fire and flood restoration company who operate nationwide to provide you with the best tradesmen, contractors and specialists the UK has to offer with an exceptional work ethic and years of experience in their trades, utilizing all of these qualifications and traits into our work is something we take pride in which is why we receive so much repeat work from satisfied clients. We are always happy to go beyond their call of duty whilst providing you with the best possible end product and give you peace of mind knowing your property will be finished as quickly as possible.

Fire Restoration:
Our fire restoration services are second to none we combine years of experience with the most expert and mastered trades specialists to restore any damage that a fire may have brought on your home
, we understand the complicated and intricate problems that come with fire damage including: Soot and smoke damage, drying the liquids used to extinguish the fire, harmful and dangerous chemicals and toxins, electrics, plumbing and many more factors. We have countless experience in dealing with the factors of fire damage and rebuilding. No matter the scale of the damage of building we can restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

flood-restoration-pageFlood Restoration: A flood in your home can be caused by many factors, from weather to even the smallest leak from a pipe in your home which can burst and cause a full scale flood, damaging your walls and many other surfaces, do not be fooled by common misconception, flood damage is not just drying, superficial damage and surface cleaning, floods can rot and decay the foundations and structures of your home even possibly causing a collapse of your property making it uninhabitable and forcing you to find temporary accommodation, fungus and mould growth which can be toxic to humans and your respiratory system. ProBuild provide you with the expert restoration specialists needed to dry and restore any aspect of damage that accompanies a flood. 


19 Aug 2013